There are now a huge range of CBD oil brands on the market. With so much choice, we know it can be tough to find which brand will work best for you.

No two CBD Oils are the same

With over 100 different Cannabinoids in the Hemp plant, it is fair to say that all CBD Oils and brands differ fairly dramatically. Some oils are very refined and contain high levels of CBD & CBDa, whereas other brands offer oils that are Full Spectrum and still contain an array of different Cannabinoids, including traces of THC (>0.2%).

We all have differing genetics and personal requirements. We often find it can be a case of trial-and-error in terms of finding out which will be the most effective.

1ml CBD Samples

Looking to find the most effective CBD oil product for you? We know that buying a full bottle is a big investment. That’ why we offer detailed comparisons between Best-Selling brands and 1ml tester syringes from £2.99 with Free Postage on Love Hemp, Koi CBD, Love CBD & more..

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